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Any treatment has to be customized and therefore a personal visit and consultation is paramount.


Thank you for your interest in my products and skincare services. For your convenience, I have 2 med spa locations:

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1160 Kane Concourse, Suite 302

Bay Harbor, FL 33154

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42 Masters Ct,

Newnan, GA 30265

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Service List

Laser Hair Removal

With a Specialty in Treating Dark Pigmented Skin

You will want to reduce the chances of developing the most common side effects associated with laser hair removal for dark or black skin: hyperpigmentation, or dark spots, and hypo-pigmentation, in which the skin color fades. Dark pigmented women often seek treatment for hyperpigmentation, in-grown hair problems and uneven skin color as these are common skincare concerns. The use of an Nd-Yag based laser hair removal technology for people with dark skin tones can solve these common issues when it comes to laser hair removal treatments. 

For dozens of informational posts on every topic related to laser hair removal please visit: MiamiLaserHairRemoval.com.

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Crystal Microdermabrasion

This technique uses a small-scale instrument to gently sand the skin with a large stream of crystals, removing the thick, uneven layer and revealing a clearer look. Crystal Microdermabrasion involves a hand-held device that flushes tiny crystals across the skin. Crystal microdermabrasion sloughs off the skin’s top layer by a controlled spraying stream of fully concentrated crystals to abrade the uneven layer of the skin. Poor skin texture and small scars can also be reduced with Crystal Microdermabrasion. Crystal Microdermabrasion addresses concerns and offers benefits such as:

  • Fresher-looking skin.
  • Diminished wrinkles.
  • Minimized fine lines.
  • Smoother skin.
  • Brighter skin tone.
  • Better skin color.
  • Shrunken pores.
  • Reduced age spots.
  • Enhances smoothness.
  • Brightens complexion.
  • Deeply cleanses/abrades skin pores.

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Radio Frequency (RFM) Micro-needling

RFM Micro-needling stimulates additional collagen production, which helps heal scars and reduce signs of aging. Micro-needling is a cosmic treatment that stimulates collagen production by rolling fine needles over the skin and inserting plates, which are one of the components. Eva Taub uses latest technology that surpasses by far all other previous technologies of micro-needling. This technology will stimulate new production of collagen and elastin which will result in much tighter skin that will give the appearance of skin lifting as well. It can be used on people of all ages, with no real down time. This technology is more precise and targeted  therefore surpass any laser application for this purpose.

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Authentic European Facial

A traditional European-style facial that starts with a vibrant double cleanser to remove all makeup and creams. This traditional facial is a soothing experience that includes hand, décolleté and shoulder massage while giving your skin a clean and refreshing glow. Most of the facials we offer also include double cleansing with steam, exfoliation, exfoliation, upper face and body massage, face mask, and sunscreen application. Facials in European style are a traditional skin cleansing treatment. Care is always taken to respect the delicate nature of even the most sensitive skin types. This facial is recommended on a monthly basis to help with the most common cell turnover, most common in Europe.

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Acne/Blemished Skin Purifying Treatments

These treatments aim to cleanse your pores, exfoliates dead skin cells, and treat common skin acne issues with a facial mask. A face rejuvenates and nourishes your face, and makes your skin look healthier and younger. If your acne is related to locked dirt, oil and dead skin, a face may be the successful treatment you need to stop or stop breakouts. The esthetician uses products that help cut down on surface oil, remove dead skin cells, and hydrate or exfoliate your skin.

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🛍️Products Also Available 

Ingrown Hair Treatments for Men & Women

This practice explores methods of treatment and prevention of ingrown hair, to reduce discomfort for people who experience them. Ingrown Hair is hair that has grown into the skin instead of growing out of the surface of the skin. Remedies include laser hair removal process and skin color tone balancing techniques for people of all skin tones.

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Hyperpigmentation Treatments

Our medical spa treatments for hyperpigmentation rejuvenate your skin and reduce the symptoms of sun damage, giving you a healthy new look with no downtime. Any area of the body can be treated including: face, neck, chest, or hands. Remedies are designed to create micro-channels that allow conventional gels, creams and lotions to be absorbed in a more effective way, enhancing the effect in deep layers of skin.

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🛍️Products Also Available 

Intimate Area Skin Lightening

Intimate Area Lightening treatments (commonly named bleaching intimate areas) at the Bay Harbor offer a quick, effective solution, improving pigmentation, rejuvenating, and brightening these delicate areas.

Your treatment coordinator will create a customized treatment plan for you, designed to achieve optimum results for your skincare goals. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can get a visibly smoother, softer, and flawless intimate area with our advanced skin treatments.

The products we use have only proven active ingredients that lighten and care for your skin in these delicate intimate areas with safe products for your skin and body.

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🛍️Products Also Available 

Body Contouring & Fat Freezing Treatment

Treatment consists of Cryolipolysis, commonly referred to as fat freezing, is a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure that uses cold temperature to reduce fat deposits in certain areas of the body. Treatment also consists of Shock Wave Therapy, that is the latest and newest form of fat and cellulite reduction and elimination. Both fat and cellulite can be addressed at the same time. It requires at least 6 treatments.Treatments are dependent on the individual problem and desired results.  It is NOT a diet nor is intended for people that are obese. This is a treatment that helps with targeted problem areas. Suitable candidates are those who want to reduce local fat deposits for example on the abdomen, hips, lower back, buttocks, thighs, upper arms etc.

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